How To : Prevent Marijuana Plant Leaves From Drooping

No comments 08 September 2009 Under: Indoor Marijuana GreenRoom

Here are a few solutions for your problem, if you have been asking yourself

” Why are my weed plants leaves drooping ? ”


Reasons Marijuana Weed Plants Leaves Will Start To Droop :


Your marijuana plants leaves can begin to droop if your temperature is too hot in the room. If your weed plants leaves are drooping FIX THE PROBLEM as fast as you can, because if you do not correct the problem your plants main stem will also give way which will create unnecessary stress for your baby. If you are well along and your stem has started to harden, then you will have more time to fix your problem. However if you are just starting off, it is probably already to late . . . The ”ideal” temperature is around 72 – 78 degrees for most strains


As a result from the temperature increase you will also start to feel the humidity in the room increase. How ever depending the environment you are living in you could be in the range of 72-78 degrees but the humidity level is still to high which is in a way weaking the marijuana plant and will create the leaves to droop and eventually the entire plant to be slumped over. To fix your problem if you have already lowered the temperature or were already at the correct temperature then we suggest purchasing a dehumidifier.